Newish user, several questions


So I’ve been using ES and Retroarch with Windows 7 for over a year now. I’ve looked at some of the documentation. I’ve set up my systems and roms pretty nicely. There are a few minor hurdles that make things difficult.

  1. Where is the newer version of ES? I don’t know how to use github
  2. How do I use a different scraper in ES or update the URL?
  3. How do I remove a game startup error message about razer tartarus not configured? I don’t use it, I use my PS3 controller instead.
  4. Minor annoyance but since I configured retroarch to use analog stick instead of just d-pad, pressing the PS3 controller’s Power button switches to desktop rather than exit the game back to ES.
  5. How do I exit emulationstation with keyboard? Remove the “shutdown computer” options?
  6. I tried installing ES and Retroarch on another computer with Windows 10, but it won’t run at all. Something about a white or black popup box and then nothing.


Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about EmulationStation. It’s an unrelated project and none of the major contributors use it.

For the ‘not configured’ message, you can turn off OSD messages in settings > onscreen display > onscreen notifications.