Nintendo 64 Cores and Analog movement issue (Closed)


I have been facing a problem with the N64 cores, I don’t have full analog control. Okay so let me describe the issue, if I play let’s say, Mario 64 and keep running on a straight line and while running, tilt my analog stick a few degrees every second, it takes a while for Mario to change direction, like he doesn’t turn a few degrees, he does a sharp after I pass 35 degrees. It’s almost like I’m playing with the analog to digital option turned on, which I didn’t turn on. I know for a fact that Mario 64 gives you much more control than that.

Here are some pictures

I’m tilting for these many degrees and Mario is still moving in a straight line

Now that I tilted slightly more, Mario does a sharp turn

Does anybody know how to fix this? I’m been having this problem for a while and I don’t see anyone else having this.

Could it be related to the deadzone setting?

No, it’s not, I was just testing it But I think I know why that’s happening

I just took a look at the N64 controller and I noticed that the area around the stick is not a perfect circle like a modern controller, so I think the emulator is just being accurate to the original controller, but I think it’s awkward to play with this kind of movement on a modern controller.

So is there an option for better movement, like Project 64? I found a video of someone testing multithreading on Parallel N64 and he/she had more movement, so there should be an option.

Just to give you some reference I use a XBOX One controller to play N64 games and it plays Mario 64 and several other games like a dream. Many times I prefer it to playing on my real hardware because it’s that good. What controller are you using? Not all analog controllers are made equal. I have a controller by Logitech and Thrustmaster that have built in deadzones that cannot be adjusted out or removed. I’ve also had cheap dual analog controllers that might as well have not had analog sticks because they were complete junk.

Edit: OK I just saw that it looks like your using a six axis controller. I have heard some negative things about using the 3rd party software to connect a six axis to a computer. How does it play dual analog ps1 games?

Hello, I’m not using a six axis controller. I’m using a Dualshock 4 and the program in the pictures is DS4Windows, a tool that let’s you use the Dualshock 4 on your PC.

I can play dual analog ps1 games with no problem, exactly how they are supposed to be played, without changing anything in the program or Retroarch, in fact, I can play anything on my PC with the analog sticks just fine, it’s the N64 cores that are the exception.

So in your comment you say your Xbox one controller plays N64 games perfectly, so there may be something different in our configurations. It can’t be the Dualshock 4 because DS4Windows makes your PC think you’re using an Xbox 360 controller, so there must be something else

I want the analog movement to be like Project 64’s, a.k.a much more free than what I have.

Well if I were you I would try a completely different controller like an actual XBOX 360 controller if you have one preferably a wired one so you don’t have to go through a third party software, just to see if it acts any different.

I don’t have a working Xbox 360 controller, so I can’t test this

What Controllers have this Problem?

I use Logeitech Controllers

I’m using a Dualshock 4