Nintendo 64 on PS3

Does the Nintendo 64 emulator exist on the PS3, just in the content download it is displayed. I downloaded 3 types, but not 1 in the core was not displayed. Also when running the game it doesn’t see the core on the Nintendo 64.

No, PS3 doesn’t have the required OpenGL capabilities.

So there’s no point in waiting for an emulator?

Yeah, there’s not likely to be change there any time soon.

Hi @hunterk @DARKMEN,

That´s not true the PS3 has OpenGL capabilities, It has a RSX Geforce card inside. A N64 Emulator for PS3 is in the works again. The author of the n64 emulator from 2011 is back to try his best to get this finally done. Keep an eye here:

Would be great, if Retroarch would get on the train as well to help out and maybe even release a n64 core for the ps3?