Nintendo Cores (Wii - Game Cube -3DS)

I recently set up my emulators on Retroarch, but I couldn’t do it on these three systems:

  • Nintendo Wii
  • Nintendo Game Cube
  • Nintendo 3DS

I followed all the steps informed on the libretro website. But whenever I try to start any games on these three systems, an error message appears stating “Failed to load content”.

I’ve already placed the “Sys” folder inside the destination: D: \ Games \ RetroArch \ system

But the Nintendo Wii and Game Cube games still don’t work either.

can you help me? I didn’t find the answer on the internet.

For gamecube and wii, set your video driver to either glcore or vulkan and make sure rewind and runahead are OFF.

For 3DS, we’d have to see a log of it failing to load.

Thanks a lot for the help. I knew that it was necessary to change drivers. I just didn’t understand that it was necessary to do this before starting the game. I also applied your solution to the 3DS. I changed the driver and everything started to work.

One last question:

Regarding the 3DS emulator: Is it possible to add shortcut keys for the option that I can choose the screen mode?

  • Big screen - small screen
  • Side by side
  • Only one screen
  • Default - top boton screen

When I used the citra emulator (stand alone) I had configured the screen change on the keyboard. I played with the single screen. But when I needed to see another menu, I pressed the shortcut key I created. And then I went back to the single screen and continued the game.

Is it possible to do this in RetroArch? Define shortcut keys for choosing the type of visualization we want in citra?

No, the screen changes are only exposed as core options right now.

I’m glad that got you fixed up, though!

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