Nintendo Famicom core not loading games


Hi there. Does anyone else have an issue with Nintendo Famicom games not loading in the default Famicom core? Retroarch only comes with one downloadable Famicom core and does not load any games.


What is the name of the core you are using?

Nevertheless remember that Famicom is NES, so you can use Mesen or Nestopia.


Also keep in mind Nestopia requires headered roms. Mesen works with headered and non headered roms.

Some pirated/unlicensed games only work if headered though.


I think Nestopia can work with unheadered ROMs as long as the NstDatabase.xml is in the system dir.


Hi, sorry for the confusion. It is the “Family Computer Disk System”. When you download all of the available cores via the stock console, there is only one emulator that supposedly runs the Family Computer Disk System games. When you try to load the games, they all say “failed to load content”.


You’re probably missing the bios. Famicom Disk system emulation needs the bios file to be located on your system folder. I think the bios is named disksys.rom, you can search on google and place it on your Retroarch’s system folder.


I googled it. It looks complicated. I think I will enjoy the games on the other game systems. :unamused:


lol it’s just a file that you place in your system folder. Did some site give you more complicated instructions than that?


So google for a file called “disksys.rom”, download it and park it in the retroarch system folder? My hesitation is just the large amount of worms that are on the web.


Yeah, officially, we recommend that you dump the BIOS yourself from your own FDS hardware.

If you load the core and then go to main menu > information > core information, it will show you the MD5 checksum of the disksys.rom that it needs. Hypothetically, if you searched for that, any file with the matching checksum would be the file that you need (and could not be malicious).


Could someone post a youtube video demonstrating how to accomplish this from start to finish? I am not a computer guru. I would eternally be grateful.