Nintendo Switch emulator


Will a Nintendo Swtich emulator be added to RetroArch? If yes, is there an approximate date when it will be added?

  1. switch isn’t retrogaming, we don’t support piracy
  2. never ask for approximate date, we are not workers, so things are ready when they are ready


Understood. Thank you for your reply.


OTOH, if jselby decides to libretroize Yuzu (which he expressed interest in doing, once their emu core settles down), we’re certainly not going to (and don’t really have the right to) disallow it.


Well, that’s a good thing that emulator authors show interests in supporting libretro natively, we sure can’t disallow it. It doesn’t mean users should use it, or look forward to it, when they can just go to the nearest shop and buy the real thing. Ultimately, piracy is bad for gaming industry, so it’s bad for gamers, i’m not really looking forward to a gaming industry only focused on fortnite clones and mobile games, which is what they’ll do if we don’t buy games and hardware :unamused:


Personally, I obviously agree with the fact that we need to buy games (or support the developers if the game is free/open source) in order to have better and new games. But I’m doubtfully about hardware… I think that there shouldn’t be games available for only 1 console, because by doing so the monopoly is created: smaller developers will hardly continue to exist, and we’ll have less game diversity (together with prices increasing). Developers should not be related to hardware manufacturers. But this is only my opinion :slight_smile: Anyway thank you for your replies and keep up the good work! :smiley:


I think the amount of people who engage in this kind of current-gen piracy is a severe minority, especially when it comes to Nintendo. Their core demographic isn’t exactly the “tech-inclined”.

Personally, I’d love a switch solution just so I can play my games on the same system as everything else I play. Though this would be solved just as easily if Nintendo would make a “Stream to PC” app like MS and Sony have done.


Because consoles are harder to mod than they were before, but things become different when an emulator becomes able to do the same thing as the hardware, downloading it and the rom takes a few minutes.

While i have a PS4, i can’t call that a console, that’s more like a budget gaming pc with a catalog smaller than steam and very few exclusives (and i bought it for those very few exclusives, because i already have a gaming pc), things are even worse for the Xbox One (pricier and no exclusives ?).

That’s only my own advice, but Nintendo is the only company which still produce devices that i can call consoles, even better they do handheld which i can take anywhere unlike my gaming pc or PS4. I don’t want them to disappear as a hardware manufacturer like Sega did, and this is what will happen if people don’t buy both their hardware & games. And imho that will be the end of the gaming industry as we knew it.