Nintendo64 Cores & HD Textures

Hi there i just want to know, which is the correct path for put the “hires_textures” for N64 Cores like : Mupen64Plus, Mupen64Plus-Next & Parallel ?

Someone had an ease tutorial ?

Dunno this cores can load directly the textures without “htc” cache file?

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The htc file(s) is/are needed. This tutorial lays it out pretty well, just be aware that some core names have changed, etc.:

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Hi there, after i post that, (2 hours) i found the correct path “~/.config/retroarch/system/Mupen64plus/cache”

Well i think that its too much text for just say the follow points :

  1. Download Project64 latest version (Only if you are Window Users) but if you a Linux user, if better you download this “Dev Version x86, because the x86_64 don’t works fine with GlideN64 Plugin” and use with Wine 4.12.1

  2. Download GlideN64

  3. Put the files “GLideN64.dll” & “GLideN64.custom.ini” from “Zilmar-specs” to Project64 “Plugin/GFX” directory

  4. Configure Project64 to use “GlideN64” and enable the options for use hires_textures. you must configure the path correctly for works fine and generate the htc cache file

  5. After you put the Textures Pack on “hires_textures” and launch the title you want to apply the textures, under GNU/Linux the Project64 on some point just freeze, you only need click “Emulation” -> “Continue” to start the game, and finish the emulation when you finish the htc file was created.

  1. For finish you only need move or copy the htc to the right path “~/.config/retroarch/system/Mupen64plus/cache” start retroach and go the the menu -> options and enable both options of use hires textures. close the game and start again and the texture should be working
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I’m holding my breath for the opposite of this: or for uncompressed texture packs to be read directly by the core.

I prefer that because of that i ask at the end of the first part of this topic “Dunno this cores can load directly the textures without “htc” cache file?

But too, that method regenerate the cache every time the game start, and if a very loaded texture pack, like somes for Zelda : Majora’s Mask, can take a lot of time in older hardware (Near 1 Hour before can start to play the game)

I think the user, should can decide if want to use htc cache file or not, or if use htc file, had an option in the menu to force the regenaration of texture cache in case the texture pack base was change.

I meant, that all we are missing is a tool for creating compressed texture cache (.htc) files so we don’t have to put up with all that Project64 bullshit, specially for Linux users :slight_smile:

Ah ok xD jejeje, i want that too an option from the core to generate and another for extract the cache file

I just confirmed with m4xw that it should work with non-htc packs now, too. That is, loose textures.


Where do we place the uncompressed textures? I tried:


I gave up. I’m using Mupen64Plus-Next Open GL 1.0 16d9692