No Accelerate Button Mapped in Some FBNeo Racing Games

In Jaleco’s ‘Big Run’ (FBNeo core) there is no option to map ‘accelerate’ to a button. All other control functions are already assigned and can be remapped (brake, gear, horn etc). Only ‘accelerate’ seems to be missing.

I’ve noticed this bug on other racing/driving games (names which I cannot recall now) but Sega’s scaler racing games seem to work fine.

Is this an issue with the FBNeo core or with the RetroArch mapping? Can this be resolved?

Please, before reporting any issue, make sure it hasn’t already been fixed in more recent versions of the core. The issue you are talking about has been fixed 3 weeks ago.

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Sorry about that and thanks for the response. I should have posted it on the Lakka forum as it’s probably using a slightly older version of RetroArch. Glad to hear the issue is fixed.

I’m a bit confused about lakka since i don’t use it, it doesn’t allow to update cores through the online updater ?

Lakka comes with prepackaged cores. Individual cores can be updated by placing a new core inside the ‘cores’ folder.