No Audio Output Via HDMI

Hi I have a new monitor that allows me to connect my speakers directly to the monitor. My problem is that Retroarch cores won’t output audio when I connect this way. Other windows apps work fine, with the exception of Dawn of War: Soulstorm which also displays the same issue. I think it may be related to DirectX 9 which both programs require.

I see this may be a longstanding issue, there are some posts with similar problems from 2015-2019 with similar issues and no clear solution.

Solved it. I repeatedly reinstalled my audio drivers until it worked.

[edit] It is actually kind of patchy, sometimes working sometimes not, I find flipping in and out of windowed mode can help.

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I see from the log file that sometimes Retroarch is not finding the audio driver. Not sure why. It does this even while the audio driver is doing something else like playing music. There is a setting in retroarch.cfg which is blank. Is there a way to populate this setting?