No audio when playing games on Retroarch add-on within Libreelec

Hi everyone,

I have been going crazy trying to figure out why I am unable to get any sounds when playing ROMs using RetroArch. I am able to get Retroarch menu sounds working, but when I launch a game there is no audio. Is there something in the config file that I am missing? Below is the Audio section from the configuration file.

assets_directory = “~/.config/retroarch/assets” audio_block_frames = “0” audio_device = “hdmi:CARD=PCH,DEV=1” audio_driver = “alsa” audio_dsp_plugin = “” audio_enable = “true” audio_enable_menu = “true” audio_enable_menu_bgm = “true” audio_enable_menu_cancel = “true” audio_enable_menu_notice = “true” audio_enable_menu_ok = “true” audio_fastforward_mute = “false” audio_filter_dir = “default” audio_latency = “64” audio_max_timing_skew = “0.050000” audio_mixer_mute_enable = “false” audio_mixer_volume = “0.000000” audio_mute_enable = “false” audio_out_rate = “48000” audio_rate_control = “true” audio_rate_control_delta = “0.005000” audio_resampler = “sinc” audio_resampler_quality = “3” audio_sync = “true” audio_volume = “0.000000”

An update to my own post. I was able to get sound working for NES and Atari2600 games by changing the “audio_volume” to 12.0 (from 0.00000). But I still cannot get any sound when playing SNES games or sega Genesis games…?? I tried to change the "audio_out_rate to 44100 (instead of the default 48000). I’m at a loss on what to try next. appreciate any help!! Thanks.

Ugh! It appears that I had to play around with the various cores (had to use “older” versions) and now I finally have sound when playing games! hopefully this may help someone else in the same boat. Instead of using “current” cores, try some of the older vintages and see if that helps.