No C64 playlist

I’m trying to import my C64 library into Retroarch. I import the folder and it recognises every item in the .T64 format, but there’s no playlist when I try to load a game, even though it loads the games when I search for them manually.

We use No-Intro databases for our scanning. Do your C64 games come from a No-Intro set? If not, you can use an external playlist utility to make the playlist without using the internal scanner.

Which playlist utility do you recommend? I’ve tried a few, including Playlist Buddy, but none of them seem to work.

I’m not very familiar with them all, since I don’t really use playlists (I just load core / load content) but RetroInvader and Playlist Buddy are the ones I usually hear about people using.

hi, why do you use No-Intro databases? vice core doesn’t support .nip files (nointro dumps are in this format) :frowning:

Hello guys, so as 2021 still no way to automatically create a playlist for c64 games? Here is told to creata a folder named “data” inside /system as told on patreon here but inside the data one we have to copy all the file, folders and subfolders as shown on github here or it is just enough to create an empty one only?

Might be a silly quesiton but i’m not sure about…

hi, im not sure if this is the answer that you are looking for but…

1- you can do a manual scan and RA will create a playlist for you with all the roms. 2- in desktop menu you can manually create a playlist and then drag and drop files over.

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