No stable version retroarch 1.17 for ubuntu 24.04

is there no stable version for ubuntu 24.04 ?

where install retroarch the version i have in ubuntu 24.04 its 1.18 not 1.17


From the PPA and Snap stable. Installing on Linux

Or download the Appimagen stable.

Flatpak, apparently only has testing.

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that the problem from the ppa stable install 1.18 not 1.17

Not sure what’s going on with v1.18. I build from source and have been using it on various devices since it was tagged in the git repository without any issues. Honestly I see no reason to go back to v1.17 if v1.18 works for you.

I don’t know why v1.18 hasn’t been published as stable yet (if it wasn’t ready, I would suppose the tag in the repo would be removed).

Anyway, it’s good to know that someone from debian is updating the package.

Looks like an error. We should notify @hunterk

The stable ppa indicates 1.17.0…

I deactivated pps testing and activated stable. When I try to install it tells me “retroarch is already in its latest version”. (1.17.0… " But RetroArch indicates 1.18.0.

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it’s not an error. We bumped the version number in the codebase and tagged off 1.18.0 a few weeks ago with the intention of doing a proper release soon after but some stuff came up (as it often does) and we’re still hoping to get it released soon, but in the meantime, 1.17.0 is still the most recent stable.