No Text Retroarch 1.9.0 Android

When I install Retroarch on my Android HDMI TV box I don’t get any text displaying on the menus and pop-ups.

I recently had it working perfectly with XMB and all that jazz. But with this fresh install I can’t see any text. Even when I blindly go through the menus and select XMB or OZone.

The RGUI menu works perfectly. But I can’t see any font/text settings that work. They scale the size of the invisible font ok. But that’s about it.

The RGUI menu is great. My Wii memories will be forever linked to it But the XMB/Ozone is my menu of choice now.

Sounds like you’re missing (or it cant find) the assets. You can see where it’s looking for them in settings > directory and you can re-download them (if needed) from the online updater.

EDIT: turns out this is something else. It was an ephemeral issue that popped up right before hacking snafu and came back with the restore, though it was promptly re-fixed. Try re-downloading/re-installing.

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Thanks. @hunterk. It’s been a long time since the Wii libretto forum days where you used to help me out in there. :laughing:

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