No working input for Ace Combat 3 (PS1)

For whatever reason, when I start up and play Ace Combat 3 on Retroarch via the PCSX ReARMed core (which is what was selected among all available PS1 cores I downloaded), pressing the start button on my Xbox One controller or Enter on the keyboard does nothing when the start screen appears. Upon messing with any of the controls options, I somehow get it to work without knowing what I did to make it work. This is okay for one moment of playtime, however after closing it for a break and coming back later to open it again, the same issue happens. I’m not sure what issue this is but I tried to see if it helps by borrowing the bios files from my ePSXe folder into the Retroarch system folder but this didn’t seem to do so. Any help is appreciated.

Did you try making a remap file for the game controls? There should be an option in the controls menu that does this. It will save your controls for that game and will load them when you run the game

Well, I just made it save a remap file and now I have input. Don’t know exactly what I did but thanks.

Sorry if i bring this up again. Im new to to lakka and have the same problem here. A few days ago i did set up lakka on my RPI4 with the latest lakka stable build. All games works fine on the PCSX ReARMed Core. Just Ace Combat has the “no input” issue when the select language screen apears. Im using a Dualshock 4 Controller via usb und its on Dualshock mode. Other games recognize the analog sticks without problems. I have testet the tips above but it didnt help me. Does someone know what the problem could be?