Norton Antivirus deleting Core Files

I just installed 1.7.9 but when I added the Cores into the Core File Norton Anti-Virus comes up and says there not safe and has Removed those Files.

I manually put the Core Files in from the Buildbot .zip Files

Why does it do that?

Norton deletes executable files and DLLs that it doesn’t know about. Its security model is partly based on file reputation. If its telemetry data from other Norton users doesn’t contain a file yet, it deletes it until that file has been deemed safe.

So basically, Norton assumes everything is malware, until it knows its not. Core files from buildbot are obviously almost always very new, so as a result Norton is almost always going to delete them. Downloading them through the RA updater instead might work though, because if RA itself has been deemed safe, then the files it downloads might be assumed to be safe as well.

The only exception to that rule is if developers that distribute executable files pay Symantec for a very expensive signing key to prevent Norton from deleting their files. It’s basically a bit like the mafia, I guess. It’s protection money. “Nice software you’ve got there. It would be very unfortunate if something bad happened to it.” Which is why I wouldn’t touch any of their products with a 10 foot pole.


Thanks for the Explanation @RealNC

It is very Annoying but I guess I just get the Cores from the Program.

Lucky my Main Video Game Computer is Not Connected to the Net and Does not have Norton Activated on it

Norton does not belong on any computer. It makes your computer run like it already has a virus so you won’t notice any difference in performance when you do get one.

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Sadly was not my Choice as it came with the Computer