Not all cores are showing up to download

Hello everyone!

I downloaded RetroArch yesterday I’m trying to get some cores but it seems I’ve only access to some of them, and I don’t know what to do…

As you can see there is not Dolphin for exemple.

Thank you!

(Sorry for any English mistakes, I’m French)

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Did you download the MSVC build, by chance? On the download page it’s listed under “XP and up” but it doesn’t have all of the cores of the regular Windows 10/8/7 build.

No, I’ve dowloaded the 64bit installer for Windows 10, and reinstalled RetroArch twice with it

In RetroArch, go to Information --> System Information

Tell me what it says for Compiler.

It says “Compiler: MinGW (6.3.0) 64-bits”

Ok. Can you look in retroarch.cfg and tell me what the value of core_updater_buildbot_url is?

It’s set to “

Change it to this.

core_updater_buildbot_url = “


Thank you! It worked :wink: