Nvidia Shield changing controller settings once in MAME issues


Hello all pleasure to be apart of the group. I have an Nvidia Shield set up running Hyperspin with 5 TB external drive. One thing I liked when in Retro Pie I could enter a game and have my hotkey set to enter the retroarch menu to adjust my controls and save just that game remap for that layout. When I try to do this with MAME in this set up the controller functions are locked in MAME for some reason cant make changes. The only way is to going back to main retroarch and change the user 1 binds which is not what I want. Any leads on this as to where my issue may lie with jit being able to do this in MAME? I have been able to do it in Final Alpha and other emulators just seem to be stuck with this issue in MAME.



MAME cores have their own internally-regulated bindings which are saved in a separate .cfg. There’s a master configuration, default.cfg, which is often stored in your /Saves folder, or sometimes a separate subfolder of your /Saves (eg: /mame, /mame2014, etc). Additionally, those subfolders also hold individual config settings for every game you’ve made settings changes for.

Most MAME cores (with the exception of Mame2003 Plus) have their controls edited internally within the core itself, using the MAME menu. The button config to open this menu varies from core to core, I think on the most recent it’s set to X+Select by default. That will allow you to access global control settings for MAME, UI control settings, dip switches, video modes, etc.

MAME2003 Plus is a little different. It’s adapted to be better integrated with the Retroarch menu system. Controls are editable from the Retroarch menu itself. Although as the name implies, even though it’s been updated extensively it’s still a much older core at it’s base.

Hope this helps!


It’s a start for sure. I will have a look at those files as I when I go select x then I am in retroarch menu for the game. All controls are locked set as nvidia shield controller. I am used to the pie when I do this I can change a button or 2 and save game config remap and that’s where I am stuck.

Thanks for the reply.


No problem. And if you want a version of MAME that can be configured from the Retroarch menu like Final Burn Alpha can, MAME2003 Plus is worth a shot. Otherwise, working within the MAME menu system to remap controls is the way to go for all the other MAME cores.