Nvidia Shield - Mame cores - failed to load content

My Nvidia Shield RetroArch: No problem playing PS1 and PSP Can’t seem to get any of the Mame cores to work i’m using arcade Golden Axe Mame4Droid - played the game right away RetroArch - I tried every Mame/FB cores - failed to load content

Do i need bios for Mame game? Is there other settings i’m missing to play Mame games?

Arcade ROMs are always changing, so you need ROMs that match the core version (more info here). If it works with Mame4Droid, it should work with the mame2010 core, since they’re both based on MAME v0.139. I believe this core is only available on Android via the 32-bit APK.

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i found a bunch of mame bios files (google) and place it to retroarch bios directories :ok_hand: now i can play all my rom :+1: