Nvidia Shield TV 4K(2017) Controller Overly Sensitive


I am using the standard version from retroarch out of the shield playstore. Before i made the update from shield firmware 6.3 to 7.2.1 i had no issues with the controller in retroarch. There are only these probs in retroarch.

Edit: i found out, that these problems had something to do with the frontent i am using to select the games with… its the App “Dig”… a very nice frontend like gamesome to load games from. Inside the options there, was a setting activated with reset Retrarch settings each time… after deactivating this, it works again as it should… start+select to open menu.


Can we please, please get a fix for this in 2019? Retroarch is really great on the Shield, except the stock Shield controller is 100% broken in the Retroarch UI. The sightest touch of the d-pad causes it to rocket through the list of ROMs at an uncontrollable speed. It’s impossible to select anything.

I’m on the latest Shield Experience, controller firmware, and official release of Retroarch.


I use RetroArch on my Shield ATV with Shield controller literally every day and have never experienced this. As far as I know, none of the other contributors with Shields have experienced this, either.


What could it be then? I’m using a stock setup, and my Shield controller works perfectly in everything else - steam streaming, other emulators, android games, Netflix etc.

The odd thing is this bug used to be less common. I’ve had the Shield for just over a year and I bought it pretty much just for Retroarch. I of course ran into the bug quickly, but I found that if I gingerly made my way round the UI I was able to get it to behave itself for a while. Long enough to play 2 or 3 games anyway. More recently though the bug is triggered almost instantly making the UI completely unusable. It’s as if any slight press of the d-pad triggers an avalanche of inputs, causing the UI to think I’ve actually pressed it 15-20 times or more. The face buttons work fine however.

I’ve tried a few other pads in Retroarch on the Shield and they all work fine, but the wi-fi direct nature (as opposed to bluetooth) makes the Shield controller much less laggy in-game, which is why I’d love for this bug to be fixed.