Nvidia Shield TV: Can't exit game

Sorry if this is a FAQ, but I’m using the 2017-02-09 nightly and I’m unable to find a key combo to exit a game. Help please?

You can set a key combo to return to the menu in settings > input, but the best way to exit is to reopen the menu (regardless of how you do it) and then exit by either using ‘close content’ from the quick menu or ‘quit retroarch’ from the main menu. This will ensure that RetroArch quits properly and saves your settings and progress.

Thank you for the replies.

I attempted to set key combos in settings>input, but the interface has me confused. I get dumped to an onscreen keyboard, so I need keycodes to enter?

I also am able to edit the retroarch.cfg manually.

I was able to exit to the menu by pressing the back button on the Nvidia remote, but pressing the back button on the controller does nothing.

You shouldn’t be seeing any onscreen keyboard. Go to settings > input > menu toggle gamepad combo and cycle through the options using the left/right dpad directions.

I’m all sorted out. Thanks all!

Hi how did you sort this iv same problem cheers