Odd Resident Evil Error



I set up the PSX Beetle HW Core, and Resident Evil launches are plays fine. However, there is a very odd problem that I noticed. In specific rooms if I walk passed a specific part of that room the in-game control reconfiguration menu will pop up for some reason. It’s a minor problem, but it breaks the game flow and is annoying, also I have never had a similar problem on any other emulator. I am using a PS4 controller, but I also tried using Input Mapper to see if that would change anything for some reason, using an XInput controller did not change anything. if anybody know how to fix this then people net me know. I am using the Windows x64 GitHub 1.6.1 RetroArch too.


That is indeed weird. Can you try monitoring the log window when it happens to see if anything unusual gets printed there? Also, try reproducing the behavior with a keyboard to make sure it’s not related to the gamepad.


This is a known bug in the Director’s Cut (not dualshock) of the game. The original does not have this problem. The bug triggers when the camera changes to a specific angle. This is a known Mednafen bug, although i assumed it was fixed by now.



I see, well thanks for the information. I guess I will need to use another emulator, or wait for this problem to solve itself through updates.


I have no idea wether this is known, but:

The bug still is not fixed, there is a way to circumvent it, though. While the game is running, go to the Retroarch menu, Quick Menu, Options and enable CPU Overclock. The controller setup screen will no longer appear because the timing error that causes this bug will be thrown off. I didn’t notice any disadvantages so far. If you only want this option to apply to this game, go to the top of the Options menu and create a game specific configuration file.


Did a quick test with GTE Overclock enabled and that does seem to do the trick. Thanks for the tip.

What is GTE by the way? Does it have any downsides?