Odroid XU4 - Do you use any shaders?


Hi All,

I bought an Odroid XU4 (but it is not arrived yet), and I was wondering if the shaders work fine or not because in any video reviews I saw no one use them, and for me if you do not have an old CRT in your home, recreate the scan lines effect is pretty cool.

In my previous experience with boards lesser powerful like RPI2 and Rock64 using the shaders lowered down dramatically the frames rate so I used to work with overlay scanlines but even the overlays produced glitches especially with the Rock64.

What is your experience with the shaders and the Odroid-XU4?

Please share your comments, thanks! :beers:


There are CRT/scanline shaders that work well on RPi3 and the XU4’s GPU is a lot more powerful than the RPi3 one, so I suspect quite a few shaders should work just fine on it.


Thanks, I have not idea how much powerful is the O-XU4 respect the PI3… I just noticed that RetroArch on RPI2 and Rock64 worked really bad with the shaders on 16bit console emulators, even with the ones created for the PI. Scanlines or pixel shaders in those games are important because otherwise the text is unreadable, and it is very annoying that all these guys made all these video reviews without never touching the shaders or scanlines topic, and from these small details you can understand that those guys aren’t taking seriously the topic but them are just feeding theirs youtube channels…