Official Libretro/Retroarch Discord?

Are there any plans for this? Discord is quite popular for online gaming communities. Since RA now has several cores with net play capabilities, an official Discord would be a great way to facilitate players getting together to discus games, setting up play sessions, etc. I was excited to hear that FBAlpha cores recently had netplay added. Yet, it was quite disheartening to see that there was less than 6 ppl total hosting games (in various cores) when I checked today. I even tried connecting to someone playing sonic, though he/she had a password in place. I play on fightcade, besides the fightcade lobbies, Discord has been a great tool for meeting new players, discussing games, setting up play sessions, and even butting heads with other people. lol Its great that RA has netplay, but there’s gotta be a better way to pull in more ppl to use it/host games, etc. I think if RA wants to be an alternative to Fightcade and the likes, it needs its own Discord besides just the Libretro forums. Perhaps an official Discord would help popularize its netplay capabilities where it would then pull in the numbers of ppl using it as an alternative to FC/Killeria? Thoughts?

Already got one :slight_smile:

If you weren’t aware of it while looking for it, that’s a good indication that we need to publicize it better.

Thanks for the link! Def could use more and more ppl, now onto netplay testing! :slight_smile:

the invite above has expired? is there an up-to-date invite?

Thanks both! I’m in.

I would like an invite please. not wanker#4020

Heh, I think that was a copy/paste error. Try this one:

hello, can someone post an invite to the retroarch discord server, the one in the retroarch site has expired

did you try the one from the post above yours?

that one’s expired too

my bad I thought it’s a link to downloading discord

Are you sure? It looks like it works to me.

(thought you were talking about the first-most link) it worked! I thought it was a link to downloading discord, my bad thanks :blush:

It would help if the link never expires. May we have a new link?

This one looks like it still works:

I made it with the ‘never expire’ setting.

Expired New link please

You tried the one from the post linked just above yours? because it works fine for me

It doesn’t work…goes from the right link to expired

Works for me, but how about this one?

I’d like to join the Discord but all links I find are expired.