Oled, colors and scanlines

So after i had the opportunity to own a personal crt monitor which can have 240p native pvm scanlines looks on it’s own i wanna know

oled is important to have an accurate representation of what a presets wants to do because of the color level balance and the scanlines clarity? because i swear to all of you that i can see pretty clearly my beautiful scanlines over at my crt monitor but with my lcd bgr non oled tv there is not such clarity, and i know that in fact, this can ruined up a bit the experience as the color balances aren’t the same as normal tvs have a friggin white backlight behind for whites and makes the darks die because they are always lit

I don’t think it’s so black and white. Every current TV technology has its pros and cons when it comes to CRT emulation.

One of the most promising might actually be miniLED.

Even OLED displays have their issues.

Perhaps you can try to have your TV professionally calibrated and you might get more out of it, especially in terms of accuracy.

You can taka a look at some of the comparison pictures on the Sony Megatron Color Video Monitor thread.

What I would suggest is doing alot of research on the subject matter.

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