On PUAE, the main fire button for P1 works for both players

This is a very weird thing, specially since it never happened until a few weeks ago. All my controllers and joysticks work fine, unless there’s a game (such as Rod Land or Super Off Road) where using the fire button on P2 makes Player 2 join. Then I have this situation where both players are playing, but only the fire input on P1 also works for P2. None of the directional inputs do anything. I’ve searched on the input configs, and can’t find anything that can be causing the issue. I have this issue with all by controllers.

I’m not able to reproduce.

Maybe you have somehow mapped the port 1 fire button as mouse button, which is port 2 fire button.

Keep the core statusbar open to see exactly what is happening.

I dug deeper into the issue, and using my DS4, in the input quick menu, the west (square) button is mapped to Y/Green (as in a CD32 controller). If I click the south (circle) button it’s fire as it’s supposed, if I click the square button it works as fire for P2.

If I use my old joystick (through Stelladapter), it automatically maps the south and west buttons to the only fire button on the joystick (Retroarch calls it “0”). I can’t revert this…I use del and it still maps Auto:0 to the west button (when I wanted it to be empty).

I have no idea if this is an issue with Retroarch, or if a real Commodore Amiga with a CD32 pad would act this way with these two games. Right now I see the only option is to disable the west button in the quick menu.

How do I get the core status bar?

Nope, none of the port 1 buttons in any device type is supposed to press port 2 buttons, and I can’t replicate that issue even with a CD32 pad.

With the default device type the west button does nothing by default.

Statusbar can be toggled by default with F12, or the virtual keyboard button STBR, or long press Select: https://docs.libretro.com/library/puae/#default-controls

Using the status bar, the emulator doesn’t register “fire” on P2, while it does on P1. I’m playing Rodland, and both fairies and banging on their wands, and I get the square on P1 status and nothing on P2…this is very weird.

That is some real voodoo then, since the statusbar uses and shows the exact same variable flags which are passed to the joyport.

I have never managed to see a situation where statusbar shows activity but joystick port doesn’t, and vice versa.

The right “Alt” key also acts as fire on P2, both in game focus mode, and out of game focus. Also hitting the Alt doesnt register anything on the game status bar

Uhh, that key is not used by default in RA nor in the core… RA game focus only disables RA hotkeys and joypad binds, and does nothing if there is no binding for the key. Meaning that the key goes straight through to the core as keyboard input.

Perhaps the game simply is also reading that particular keyboard key as input, as is sometimes the case.

Rod-Land manual: https://hol.abime.net/hol_pic.php?id=YldGdWRXRnNMekV5TURFdE1UTXdNQzh4TWpjeFgyMWhiblZoYkRFdWNHUm02ZVY0VW05a0xVeGhibVFnTFNCSFlXMWxJRzFoYm5WaGJDQnU3Nys5TVE9PTZlVjQ2ZVY0NmVWNGJXRnVkV0ZzTHpFeU1ERXRNVE13TUM4eE1qY3hYMjFoYm5WaGJERXVaMmxtNmVWNE16SXc2ZVY0U1cxaFoyVk5ZV2RwWTJzPQ==

And maybe you have some 3rd party program like Steam which tries to offer some kind of compatibility mode and maps certain keys to joypad, so you get forced ninja double input which can’t be prevented in the core or in RA.

Thanks for the tips. Indeed Rodland has keyboard controls, and the arrow keys and Alt are the mappings for P2. Still doesnt explain why west/green functions as P2 fire, when the emulator status key doesn’t even register it.

Same thing with Super Off Road. Just checked it, and arrow keys and Alt are the controls for P3.

Right now the easiest thing is probably to create custom mappings for these games and disable the west key.

Well the only reason the statusbar is not picking it up is because the inputs are not recognized as joystick port inputs, but keyboard inputs, which is not caused by RA.

Unfortunately I can’t unbind the fire button “0” on the Stelladaptor to the west button. As it is, the same button is bound to the west and south keys. It just says Auto: 0(N/A).

EDIT: I edited the “Stelladaptor 2600-to-USB Interface.cfg” file, and now I managed to solve the issue.