One Game Bubbles for Retroarch on Playstation Vita [$50 - $120]

This request comes from Reddit Thread.

I think I could manage $50 via paypal if that would be agreeable, but this can be negotiated if this turns out to be a huge pain for someone. Basically, I’d like to have a methodology laid out to create individual game bubbles on the Playstation Vita.

It doesn’t need to be an automation tool or anything, but a documented methodology would be fine. Others can build off of it from there I’m sure. So, my wish list would be:

  • Installable rom via .VPK package
  • Specify core and rom file when creating the VPK package
  • Create a name for the bubble that will show up under the bubble on the livescreen.
  • Have adjustable config options (such as button mappings, frameskip, screen size, etc)
  • Must be able to contain save game data for the rom
  • Must also be able to handle emulator save states
  • Allow customized artwork during the creation of the vpk

Bonus (extra $20 sound okay?) would be a tool that can create the package if you supply it with the rom file, artwork, and core.

Bigger Bonus (extra $50- on top of the $20, so $120 total) would be if that tool had a GUI associated with it.

I’m hoping that this will appeal to someone that would find this an easy task. I’m going to be doing some studying on the Vita Dev Wiki in the meantime to see if I can learn anything relevant.

Let me know if you need any additional details with this.