One pc and multiple keyboards

Hi there, i want to know if possible configure retroarch to use two or more keyboards to configure to each player. because right know i had my PS/2 Keyboard connected and a wireless usb keyboard connected to my pc i am using GNU/Linux like main SO.

But inside retroarch i don’t not notice the app, detect the usb keyboard and add to index available devices to configure the usb keyboard for player 2. normally i prefer play 4 players.

But is more probable i use keyboards instead gamepads to play games. [Durability, all my gamepads don’t work anymore] i want to connect 3 usb keyboards. to be 4 Players and the main keyboards is PS/2. but the usb keyboards is not added to device index inside retroarch :’(

If this if not possible just tell me.

all keyboards show up as a single device. You would have to map all of the players on the same keyboard and then hand a separate one to each person and ask them not to press anyone else’s buttons :stuck_out_tongue: