Online Updater Downloading ALL Cores

Anyone else encounter this? It’s not all the time, but occasionally it will download all the cores instead of just the ones I’m using. Removing the ‘excess’ cores and trying the update again works, but it is a bit strange.

I can’t understand what the fault is. The cores are managed from the interface without fail. If you remove them manually, delete also the content in the Downloads folder.

Unless you do testing or development, it is not necessary to download them all, it is unnecessary and extra work for the server.

I have to admit I don’t really understand your message, but maybe you don’t understand mine?

I’ll try to explain it again.

  1. I have 17 cores I use in Retroarch.
  2. There are 17 core files (.dll) in the ‘cores’ folder under the RetroArch folder.
  3. I run RetroArch
  4. I go to ‘Online Updater’
  5. I go to ‘Update Installed Cores’
  6. Most of the time this will download the updated 17 cores, BUT sometimes it will instead download ALL the cores.

This is not something I selected, it is something it will randomly do.

Exactly. :grimacing:
Now I understand better.

If you have never installed those Cores and when upgrading they install themselves. It’s a bug, please create a report on Github.

If you ever installed them, and deleted the .dll manually, you have to delete also the related files in the Download folder, because cores backups are saved.

Hmm well I always do a ‘fresh’ install when a new version is released, so it shouldn’t be the case but I suppose it’s possible. Seems like strange behavior to check the ‘Download’ folder to see what cores are installed, but I’m not a developer.

I’ve removed the downloads so if it happens again I’ll be sure to make a bug report.