Onscreen Notification - Change position

Hello … Good Evening.

I would like to know where I am going to be able to change the location where these warnings appear, if I can move them to the middle of the screen? As shown in the attached image.

Thank you!!

The widgets can’t be moved currently, but if you disable them and fall back to the old “yellow text” notifications, you can customize them quite a bit.

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Hello good day.

In this case, how do I go back to be notified? and if so, can Retro Achievements notices of achievements be moved as well?

Thanks again =)

settings > onscreen display > onscreen notifications > gfx widgets OFF, then close out of RetroArch completely and reopen it.

At that point, all notifications should run through the basic text system, including achievements.

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great! This helped a lot because in the live I do, unfortunately the conquests were being cut because they were right in the corner.

Thank you.