Option "android disconnect workaround" problem with 2 players

Hi, I’m on shield tv android with 4 same sfc30 8bitdo controllers I was so happy to use the “android disconnect workaround” in order when we disconnect the bluetooth controller to recover the control and not swap into the next available port. this option is marvelous for 1 player. Unfortunely, when we have 2 players, the 2 controllers command only the player 1. (I have the same 8bitdo controllers.) If I turn off the “android disconnect workaround”, the 2 controllers command the each player succefully but if there is a disconnection, we swap to the next controller available when reconnected like before this option available. when this option is OFF, the control menu indicate me for player 1: “8bitdo sfc30 (1)” and “8bitdo sfc30 (2)” for player 2. all is working. when this option is ON, the control menu only indicate me “8bitdo sfc30” on each player without index number whitch seems to be the problem. is their any way to control each player with each controllers with the “android disconnect workaround” activated ? or is this a limitation of this option? thanks for any tips

Yes, that is exactly how the option works. It sees identical controllers as all the same controller.

The history is: normally when a controller disconnects and then reconnects, it is treated as an entirely new controller because Android never actually tells us the original controller is gone. It just stops responding. So, we have no way of differentiating between actually different controllers and one that has just reconnected.

The option just lets users choose to do the opposite of the previous behavior and assumes every identical controller is the same controller instead of a new one.

ok thanks, so I had to stick with the previous behaviour without this new option when I want to play with severals players using 4 same controllers. regards

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