Option to map 3x Punch and 3x Kick?

I’ve been using the FBNeo core recently, but I can’t find any option to map macros for 3x punch and kick (which I find very weird since the version of FBNeo that comes with Fightcade does support it).

Is the option truly absent or did I just not find it? Is there any way to map it at all?

Thanks in advance.

There’s no way in RetroArch to assign macros and the maintainer of the FBNeo core (rightly*) views it as the frontend’s responsibility to handle. Unfortunately, this leaves us in a tough spot.

There are some external utilities, like antimicro, that could help, though.

*using core options for input stuff causes netplay desyncs if the host and client(s) have different settings, making it particularly risky for a core that’s favored for netplay

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Oh, I understand. Yeah, makes sense that Fightcade would have no issue then since it just makes everyone use the same version.

Thank you for the clarification!

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(i’m the FBNeo dev maintaining the libretro port)

If you have any respect for our work, you shouldn’t use Fightcade, they are illegally making use of our emulator since they aren’t respecting our license. Our latest standalone builds are always available from here if you need macros.

About the libretro port, the problem is that standalone has up to several dozens of macros depending on the game running, however the maximum number of “actions” that can be mapped through the libretro api is very limited (16, normal ones included), which is why the libretro api & retroarch frontend need a way to deal with this (my latest proposition is here), using core options was done in the past but it’s hacky and didn’t work very well. This is not only a problem for macros, this is also a problem for things like service buttons because some systems need to map several of them. I’m still hoping a retroarch dev will look into this someday.

For now, and i’ve been thinking about this for some time already, i believe only providing support for those specific 2 macros would be ok (and it seems most users only care about those 2), so i’ll look into this.


Hey, thank you for the reply!

I just downloaded Fightcade the other day. Had no idea there was a problem with them. I take it it’s because of their Patreon?

And yeah, having at least those two macros would be a great QoL improvement. It would make playing games like MvC and other similar ones much more akin to their respective console experience (at least for those of us who don’t have arcade sticks).

  • Yeah, there is the issue with their patreon which is plain abusive (charging someone up to 86.50€ per month, VAT not included, while they aren’t developping the emulators, and GGPO is a peer2peer technology so it shouldn’t have high server costs, really ???), we could be lenient about this if there were real server costs, but here they are just making profits from our work.
  • they provide means to automatically download romsets from within the emulator (don’t ask me for details), which is against You may not distribute FB Neo with ROM images unless you have the legal right to distribute them;
  • There was some problem with You must make public any changes you make to the source code, we had to ask for the release of the code a lot. At some point their project lead finally released it (and it was a very bad joke when he basically called us bullies on our discord for asking this), however there is some certainty that the code they are currently making public differs from the code of the binary they are distributing.

I believe they are also breaking snes9x license btw.

Done, testers welcome.


Wow, that was quick. In fact I noticed it when I was setting up Retroarch in my new Android device earlier today. Seems to be working well there, and I’m just about to test it on my PC.

Thanks for the update!

Now I won’t need savestates to select Akuma