OSX Nightlies are back

You can get it from http://buildbot.libretro.com. Testing/feedback is welcome.

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Sweet. I assume the CG builds are for the Nvidia CG shader support?

Yeah, I think you still need to have it installed separately on your system, as xcode doesn’t like to copy it into the required frameworks in the bundle for whatever reason :confused:

Yea, i noticed that as well. Always thought i was doing something wrong at the time and just dealt with it.

Sweeeeeet !


Is it possible for you to add 8BITdo NES30 PRO to controller mapings? :slight_smile:

best regards Groszek

Using the 27th’s right now and there is a commanding difference in performance. I seriously appreciate the nightlies and the ability to mess with 1.3.3 on the latest OSX.

Ooooh there’s a metal build! Any emus I should pay particular attention to with this, or is it just for the UI at this stage?

Why is the nightly edition requesting to receive keystrokes from any application? :cold_sweat: