Over/Under scan CRT adjustments - incoming

Very soon, MME4CRT and RetroArch will have the option to adjust the porch algorithm used by CRTSwitchRes on the fly. This will allow you to adjust them so you can fit the game image on your CRT.


Oh man, nice. This will make a lot of people very happy.


Code has just been merged. This should be available in the latest nightly. unless you want to build it. :smiley:


@Alphanu do we still have to use mme4crt from your repo or is everything merged into the official retroarch code base? Also, do we still have to use an older linux kernel or is crtswitchres compatible with the latest kernel?

Hey, everything is upstream. So you can use either version. Whatever makes you happy.

The kernel issue is not related to CRTSwitchRes. Rather a upgrade in the Linux kernels after version 4.21 which meant it handles things differently (VSYNC). For the best experience you would want to install an older kernel where possible. However, you don’t have to but you will end up with 30 FPS interlaced resolutions in later kernels. for a work around disable VSYNC and enable max run speed 1.0x in frame throttling settings.


Does it also works with the Windows version?

Is it possible to adjust the picture vertically?