Overriding video driver per-core

I am not sure if this is possible as of now, but I don’t think so.

The reason why I’m asking for this is because in my current setup PPSSPP core has no image when running with gl video driver, it only works with glcore video driver.

The thing is that I prefer using gl for every other core since it is less taxing on the hardware. For example, I play Flycast fine with gl, but not PPSSPP (only has sound).

Can I set PPSSPP core to switch the video driver to glcore?

Yes, as of a few months ago, you can load a core, change the video driver, then save an override and it will switch to the new driver on load.

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I tried that, it saved a new config file called ppsspp_libretro.cfg, but when I load a PPSSPP game nothing changes. How should I be setting it to change on load?

It should make RetroArch/config/ppsspp/ppsspp.cfg and that should contain the one video_driver = “glcore” line. If it’s not doing it automatically, you can do that manually with a text editor and it should work the same.

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That’s awesome, it works perfectly. Might have done it wrong through the user interface? I loaded the core and selected Main Menu > Configuration File > Save New Configuration It just saved /config/ppsspp_libretro.cfg despite /config/ppsspp/ folder existing already; I assume this should have been done in another option?

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Ah, yeah, you would need to go to quick menu > overrides > save core override.

OK, wasn’t aware of this new override, I always assumed it was strict to the options in the quick menu. Thanks for the help!

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