P-UAE kickstart error for some games

Hi all,

So I am configuring retroarch for Amiga and the majority of my games work. I do get a ‘kickstart’ error for some games though. I have all the required kickstarts, with the exception of ‘kick40060.CD32 CD32 KS + extended v3.1 rev 40.060 f2f241bf094168cfb9e7805dc2856433’ All the other kickstarts MD5 are valid.

Is this an issue with the emulator, or have I done something incorrect? One game I am having issues with is ‘Another World’:

RetroArch Windows - 1.9.0 PUAE - 2.6.1 9860677

That error comes from WHDLoad, meaning that the file hasn’t been copied to the place where WHDLoad wants it. Possibly because the file was not yet in system when a WHDLoad install was launched the first time (which creates the required helper image running inside emulation).

So either delete saves/WHDLoad directory to make the creation happen on the next launch, or copy the file manually under there to the path in question.

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Amazing - many thanks for that!