P-UAE, strange WHDLoad problem

Hi, I’m using RetroArch with the P-UAE core. I’m trying to load WHDLoad games (lha archives), but on boot I get a file requester that expects an executable file:

Everything seems ok in the setup. The WHDLoad/WHDSaves directories are mounted, the kickstarts/WHDLoad.prefs are copied. The only thing I don’t have is WHDLoad.key file. Is it needed, and if so I guess it wouldn’t throw this error?

Any idea what is causing this?

You are trying to launch the wrong kind of LHAs, which have no game data in them. The proper ones do not have Install.info in them.

The file size should have given it away immediately.

Thanks! Yes, I should’ve noticed it. I’m really proud of how I introduced me on this forum. :joy: