Paddle Control Support


I’ve seen this asked for in the General forum, but I haven’t seen that it’s already been done. I’m sorry if I missed it.

Stella, as a stand-alone piece of software, supports Atari paddles. I can’t find such support in RetroArch. This would be an excellent edition. Super Breakout, Kaboom, Warlords. These are good games that are playable in Stella but not in RetroArch.

Again, maybe I missed the paddle option, or I just haven’t done a good job adjusting my config.

Thanks. Steven


The libretro Stella core is out of date so it does not include paddle support. Is there an issue about this on the libretro Stella github repository? That would be good to have if not


i am really intrested in gaming with Paddles. what kind of paddles do you use. Can you recommend me a device ?


Hi, markwkidd.

Yes, I just looked. It’s already been raised as an issue there. At the time, the Stella folks said they wouldn’t have time to look into it until they got Stella 6.0 released, which just happened in December. Maybe now they’ll be able to focus on it.

And a user has already been looking at it, with apparently decent results, though it seems like they could only go so far on it without having the Stella team’s expertise and support.


Hi, shakalakka.

I just use the real thing. A pair of vintage Atari paddles doesn’t cost much. And I connect them to my computer through something called a 2600-daptor. I have the D9 model 2600-daptor. Located here:

It actually lets you hook up many old controllers and seems to work well. I’ve tested it with the Atari 2600 joysticks, Atari 7800 joysticks, Magnavox Odyssey joysticks, and the Atari paddles. The paddles work well when using Stella by itself, but not through Retroarch.