Parallel N64 on Windows XP sp3


Hi all,

I’m running Windows XP on P4 3.0 HT , 2gb ram and Nvidia 6200 AGP. Retroarch 1.7.5 work flaweslly with all the main cores. GB, GBC, SEGA, FAMICOM, SNES… but N64 does not work.

By default, retroarch only allows me to download Parallel64 (mupen64plus is not available in the list) I tried to download the core manually even install MSVC2017 but it could not be possible to make it work.

verbose option says me that I’m using an Dead N64 emulator. I can press F1 and change options after try to load a game but I Only can see a black screen.

I made several searchs but I could not find the solution. Really appreciatte your help with this.

in a few hours I can post more details just in case.

thanks in advance.


My guess would be that it requires higher OpenGL than your card can provide. It seems the card supports OGL 2.1…


Thank you,

I guess the only way to discard this is to run Windows Vista or Windows 7 X64 in the same computer and see what happend,

are you agree with?


If possible, yeah, that seems like a good way to check.


Yesterday tried with windows 7 x86 with no success in all. Nvidia drivers must be forced to work in an old version and retroarch crashed all the time.

Today or tomorrow I going to try vista x86. I guess I can use similar drivers than xp there, so my system will do better on that SO.