PBP files no longer working on pcsx rearmed core for Android


nah still does not work on mine. although from your testing since it works with older core, then that is probably more than just a pbp compatibility issue there.



ive tested the problematic pbp you sent… and indeed it works fine with the older pcsx_rearmed core (commit https://github.com/libretro/pcsx_rearmed/commit/ea4f4384c24996e839106d515f000269b5cfc792), but that was before the change to use clang compiler probably. anything newer fails to load the PBP

ive tried to compile the same commit and it fails, probably because my compiler is also using clang…


Yeah the older core can load pbp files just fine for other people too:

So it seems the clang compiler broke the pbp support in some way.


It seems the issue is fixed now in the latest core build:

Wow amazing job as usual guys! What caused the bug?


seems the issue was an easy mix: https://github.com/libretro/pcsx_rearmed/commit/661e95f6360e9bcace4531c0ca529238629e49f6


well, thats good that we dont need to convert stuff to filestream atm. weird that that define fixes psx pbp while not in pcsx, have to check pbp files with larger size than 2.1gb…


I was still having this problem even on the latest version of pcsx-rearmed. It seems in my case it was because the PBP files were created with no compression in the PSX2PSP program. Once I re-did it with compression set to level 2 (in the options) everything was fine.

Probably a different problem but since this is one of the first results in Google when trying to find a solution I thought I would mention it here for future reference. Hope that’s ok.


pbp works fine for me in android


Also works fine in Win7-10