PCSX Rearmed and Gran Turismo 2

Hello everyone, I’m having an issue I can’t seem to troubleshoot. Has anyone noticed Search Engines suck lately?

Anyways, I have an Amazon Fire 10, and when I play Gran Turismo 2 with the PCSX core (only core that would work on this device without bringing gameplay to a halt) the game runs smooth and sounds great. Well, on the surface atleast.

The speedometer does not work at all, the AI seems to have broken cars (they crawl around the track, atleast half the field sometimes) and if you hit a wall above a certain speed, you go flying around the track.

Now, I did enough research to find one single post on another site that has this same exact issue. It got a glib “Don’t use HLE” remark and that was all.

I don’t have the core set at HLE, it is set to auto, with the scph5501.bin in the appropriate folder. I’m not getting a message saying the core is running in HLE.

So, how do I solve this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have downloaded multiple different version of scph5501, and they suffer the same issues. I’ve renamed a different bios, and it seemed to change nothing. Which was odd, I was expecting it to break it.

I’m sure there is some setting somewhere that I haven’t switched, but these issues just kill the game.

I’m playing GT2 Simulation v1.2 if that helps. I suppose I could find a not version 1.2 to see if that is the issue.

Edit: Words changed due to omnipotent spell check changing whole words.

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Like you, most of what I see online suggests a BIOS issue. Do you have the checksum for your BIOS handy? If you load the core but no content and then go to main menu > information > core information, does it see your BIOS?

Stand by one sir.

Yes, when I load the core without content it sees the Bios.

Hopefully that screen worked, let me capture what I think is the checksum.

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ah, that’s a little misleading: the checksum is for a known-good BIOS, but the present/missing check only actually looks for the filename. Do you have any other way to check it?

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No sir. I have no idea how to provide that.

The only option I can think of is report the number given by the website.

Edit: Should I point out GT2 is the only game with issues that I’ve found? Castlevania SotN, Diablo, Panzer General all work fine as I can tell. Along with Railroad Tycoon 2.

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Could it be a Bad Dump of Grand Turismo 2?

That was one of my ideas. I haven’t had time to search for a different copy. I didn’t know they released patches for PS1 games so the v1.2 has always been strange. Soon as I get the chance I’ll test that out!

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So, it seems this is a known issue with 32-bit dynarec+NEON renderer. If you use the 64-bit build, it’ll be significantly slower but shouldn’t have these issues (there will be some slight glitches but not gamebreaking nonsense).

Ah that is a bummer. 10-4. Was really hoping it was the game dump. Oh well. Maybe they solve it in the future.

Thanks for the help fellas!

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