PCSX ReArmed crashing?

I’m a complete newbie when it comes to trying to emulate ps1 games, but as far as i can tell i’ve done everything correctly. I have the right bios files, i have the cue files, but every time i try to run a game with pcsx rearmed, it crashes. any ideas on what i can do?

edit: ive tried switching to beetle psx hw. while it no longer crashes, it leaves me with an empty white window.

This doesn’t answer your question directly, but PCSX-ReARMed isn’t usually a good choice for x86/64. You should probably use Beetle-PSX instead.

I’d like to add onto this with my own pcsx-reARMed issue…

I have the latest retroarch stable installed on my windows 10 os, I have pcsx rearmed core installed and the BIOS files in the system folder. Whenever I load up Final Fantasy Origins and play FF1, all looks good and plays well until I start getting into battles, and every time within 6 battles the game just crashes and closes retroarch mid battle.

Ive tried 2 other versions of the game and Ive also tried Beetle and Swanstation. Swanstation runs badly and so does Beetle so no dice there.

Any ideas on what could be the problem and how to fix it?

I played around some more and found Swanstation plays without any glitches. The screen ratio and graphics were a lot less impressive but I was able to mostly clean up the graphics by turning on Tru color in the options so it’s pretty decent.

I would still rather use pcsx if I can find a fix but this works for now…