PCSX ReARMed don't reload content

Just some time ago I changed from Play Store RA version to LibRetro’s due to a issue I had.

Since then anytime I try to reload content by PCSX ReARMed it freezes and crash. I also noticed it can’t find PSX BIOS anymore, although I made sure I have them all in the proper directory and RA .cfg points to the same directory.

It’s not like anything that prevents a proper gameplay but it’s kinda annoying.

Y’all can guess what should I do?

Can you post a log of it crashing? That should tell us more about what’s going on.

ain’t english native, please forgive poor vocabulary :’)

Sorry but I couldn’t reproduce the crash anymore. It still freezes, tho.
I mean, now only the game screen freezes and I’m able to at least browse by quick menu. Then, if I stop running content it works okay; else, if I go to recent apps screen and try to enter RA it crashes, but doesn’t generate a log.
I don’t remember if I updated anything this week but it’s not the same now.