PCSX ReARMed slow, but ePSXe is not

So, I’m in a bit of a weird situation. Just got a LG Stylo 5 (not the best, I get that, but more than capable of PSX emulation at full speed), and was able to play full speed on my older LG Stylo 3 model, but something is amiss. See. I downloaded version 1.8.0 from the Google Play store just the other day, set up my apps and RetroArch the way I like it. However, when I loaded up Wild Arms 2 on PCSX ReARMed, it was horribly slow, the audio was crackling and running at about 30/60 fps. Now, what’s interesting is in the same phone, ePSXe runs the same game at a full 60 fps, audio issues are nonexistent. Yes, I could use ePSXe, but I also like using RetroArch, but I don’t get why this particular core is giving me such grief. Other cores run fine and don’t exhibit this behavior, Genesis Plus GX, Snes9x, etc all run full speed.

So it’s clearly not the hardware, as it’s more than capable as my older phone could run this core full speed, so maybe I have to disable something, I don’t know. Should I try the 64-bit app for RetroArch instead? And yes, I tried the Vulkan API, no dice, still runs slow, PCSX ReARMed should not be slow on an ARM device more powerful than a phone from 2015 sigh What options should I enable/disable?

Android version 9.0 is the OS right now.

The app from the Play store will automatically switch to the 64-bit build and libraries if your phone is capable of it (as per Google policy). PCSX-ReARMed’s dynarec and NEON renderer only work with 32-bit ARM.

So, you’ll need to sideload the 32-bit RetroArch build. You can get it from buildbot.libretro.com


So we can thank Google for screwing over people, not surprising. I’m using Android 9.0/Oreo, not 100% entirely sure how to go about installing the APK, but I assume it’s easy. My apologies and thank you.


dunno what your device is, but only arm7a chip are neon based-which is faster than the other gpu