Pcsx2 issues on retroarch

Hello, so i have retroarch for a few weeks now and im having an issue when runing pcsx2 on retroarch. All the games i try to play start and all but imediately have an extreme lag and audio problems, not to mention a few bugged textures here and there. Now, when running pcsx2 by itself, everything goes as it should, no lag or any issues whatssoever so my guess is that it is some issue between the emulator and retroarch.

Thanks for the atention untill here, and even more if you take your time to help me

(also, english is not my first language so sorry for any mistake with my words)

The current LRPS2 core is not appropriate for general use, hence the “alpha” tag in the name. It works well enough for some games and on some people’s devices, but if it doesn’t work for whatever reason (e.g., a lot of games need the software renderer to avoid a bunch of rendering bugs), there’s not much you can do to fix it.

We have an updated and improved core in the works that should hopefully be released “soon” but there’s no ETA.


i see, well thanks

i was just a bit bothered because in retroarch it didnt worked porperly, but by itself it did just fine

@hunterk Is there a similar hope for Dolphin core updates? I’ve been waiting for it for so long that I’ve lost hope that it will ever appear :frowning:

I remember there was a blog post about an improved Dolphin core way back, about three years ago or more? I guess that was forgotten.

Hopefully, the PCSX2 core doesn’t have the same fate.

Not forgotten, just someone starts working on something, then they get to the home stretch and we talk about it (like we’re doing with this hopefully upcoming PCSX2 core update), but then they hit a fatal snag and can’t finish it out. It happens sometimes :man_shrugging:

People always tell us they want more progress reports, blog posts about what we’re working on, etc. but then if something WIP doesn’t pan out, they hold it against us indefinitely (e.g., Supermodel and Daphne, which people still complain about, even though they were announced years ago and barely even made it out of the gate before the guy working on them got stuck). It’s lose/lose.

With dolphin-libretro, specifically, it’s very hard to motivate someone to update it–which is a very big job–when any mention of the core is immediately met with a chorus of “just use standalone,” “nobody should use dolphin in RetroArch when standalone is literally perfect,” “RetroArch sucks for 6th gen and up,” and so forth. This sort of thing has been a big problem for the existing LRPS2 core, as well.

For PPSSPP, people hassled us for years about it being behind and then when we worked to get the libretro-ization upstreamed, they immediately started griping about how they wanted the old core back, and we still get the “RetroArch is behind [-ed: we’re not], just use standalone” refrain.



So true and I couldn’t have explained that any better myself.:blush:

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Motivation should work the other way around. If everyone complains about how bad the current 6th gen cores are, it means there’s high demand for good, new ones. And considering how long this goes, the moment someone comes up with a good Dolphin or PCSX2 core, it will be met with the highest praises. Isn’t that a good reason for a developer to try and make one?

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heh, we’ll see when/if the updated PCSX2 core drops. I certainly hope this is the case but I’m not going to hold my breath. We already have experience to the contrary with both PPSSPP–as I mentioned–and the current dolphin-libretro core, which is/was a big improvement over the original dolphin-libretro core and was up-to-date at the time of release.

Humans are funny creatures :man_shrugging:

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I dunno… it seems like I see people praising and saying good things about Retroarch all the time. That should count for something. I’m sure any kind of complaints are tough when you put a lot of work into it… but there are definitely positive comments about it.

Since I met Retroarch, I stopped using standard emulators. It’s super convenient to have everything gathered in one place. A lot of useful options, nice menus, and shaders that give old games a new life. That’s why I keep my fingers crossed for every core, even for Dolphin. I hope to update it someday. I saw that several people tried to update the core to the new version, but no one succeeded. Some useful options are missing, some can be used by editing files, others have unfortunately appeared quite recently in the standalone Dolphin version.

I feel the same too. But it is what it is and I am just grateful for what we have. As a note I think there’s the option of reshade if you want to use shaders with the standalones, whether that be pcsx2 or dolphin.

Seeing how there are no new commits for this core for about a month now, i was wondering, will it work if someone compiles it? Has anyone tested this?


And this time we are living in is very rare, humans are constantly asking and complaining, because it’s free (of free beer) and comment without bothering to find out first. On the other hand there are good comments, some bordering on astonishment.
Changing the image of RetroArch is a slow task, there will always be negative comments (and that’s good), the important thing is to know how to distinguish the complaint from the criticism and have a mental filter.

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Me too, the problem with most of people is that retroarch seems to complicated for them somehow because of the interface or the quantity of menus that there is over the program, maybe some can indeed be a bit more complex than what it is in standalone, but these days now most of people don’t take the time to learn something that could make their lives easier, I have an IT administrator friend and another programmer one, which didn’t had much of an idea of how to handle software and hardware, one had the idea that most of things in windows are easy and if something is just a bit complex and doesn’t straight up work from the get go he won’t take in and will not look on internet or in his own how to do it right, and the other is straight up loss

So… Anyone up to compiling the current github code since it seems like it’s not active for some time now? Maybe at it’s current state it’s good enough to use or at least better then the buildbot version?

If you can hang tight for a bit, there’s probably a new Retroarch due soon and we might hear some news about it.