Perfect PSX (beetleHW) Graphics

Finaly made an break through in finding the perfect and thus FINAL RA/beetleHW Core settings.

Up untill NOW↓, i couldn’t use native resolution x2 or higher withouth HUGE PIXELS as big as Dwayne the → ROCK johnson :thinking:!!!

Long i have suspect my stack of shaders… i was wrong… it wos an combination of RA & Beetle settings altogheter…

Now, i finaly have my Global psx preset running all games at 4X Internal Native Res + 7 pass 4x_Xbr_Hybrid_crt stacked with another FXscale shader (scanline fix)…
Iam not aiming for 2x native res anymore NoNo… :relieved: … Duck is thinking Next Level and iam aiming WAY HIGHER now… :thinking:

And because duck is so pleased with the results, i like to share them with anyone who wants to watch :v::smile: and learn…

Behold ↓ … The Eight wonder of the World :grin: :ok_hand:

Snapshot 1 - Blood Omen BOOOM ↓ Blood-Omen-Legacy-of-Kain-USA-221224-225523

Snapshot 2 - Blood Omen Shazaam

Snapshot 3 - Breath Taking → Breath Of Fire III Sonic Boom

Alundra Snapshot (pixelated 2xRes :confounded: for comparison) ↓

Alundra 4xRes … gorgeous round edges :drooling_face: :drooling_face: :drooling_face:

how to screen capture

And last but NOT least …

Snapshots from Final Fantasy VII …

Holy Cow :cow: would you look at these graphics… not even the pc version wos that sparkling gorgeous :drooling_face: :ok_hand:

Bam↓ screen capture freeware


Double Cyclone Lariaat :laughing:

Hyper Uppercut

Hadoken :yum:

Cheers, TD

Mind sharing the instructions for beetle psx hw to get it looking like yours. I know silent hill looks very pixelated on the beetle psx hw core even when using vulkan.

No real need to work this hard. With the HW core, if you are using internal resolution scaling (2x or higher) you can use the core’s built in xBR filter.