Pilotwings crashes on higan accuracy core

When I try to load US version verified good dump rom of pilotwings using the higan accuracy core it crashes out to retroarch and says “can’t load content.” When I use the mednafen bsnes core, it works fine. I heard that you need to separately load the dsp1 special chip firmware that pilotwings uses along with the main rom. How do I do this in retroarch? In higan standalone the icarius interface would combine the two on startup.

You need to have the split special chip ROM in your ‘system’ directory.

I found two dsp1 files, dsp1.rom and dsp1.bin. Do they have to be renamed to match the game rom or can I just leave them like that?

You need dsp1.data.rom, and dsp1.program.rom to play Pilotwings. If renaming the files you have doesn’t work, you will need to obtain the correct files.

It doesn’t need to match the gamename. It needs to match the name BSNES expects, and be in the directory that is configured as the “system” directory in RetroArch.

To get the list of BIOS files needed by the BSNES core and whether or not they were placed and found correctly, select “Load Core”, then load BSNES, then select “Information” and then “Core Information”. At the bottom is a list of BIOS files and whether or not they have been found.

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