Play! (PS2 Core) Crashes on game launch

So i have just downloaded the new Play! core and have tried to looad 3 images (Bin & ISO) and once i click on load image RetroArch crashes, i understand that the core doesnt require a BIOS so any ideas what the issue may be?

Can you get a verbose log?

Without seeing a log all I can tell you is make sure you’re using OpenGL for this core. GL or GLcore, both are fine.

Here you go…

I don’t see any obvious errors in there. I guess you could try GL instead of GL_Core, though both should work.

I’m able to launch games, but I get ~1 fps.

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Same here. The crash happens as soon as I run the game, both in GL and GLcore. It says something like “the application has stopped the runtime in an unusual way”. Here’s the log:

Hi, I can confirm that all the games I tried were working great You just need to load an ISO. Bin /Cue are not working

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Gradius V is a .bin/.cue game and it works really well. There’s something else going on here.

Hmm odd i tried ISO files and get the same results. Ill try a fresh install and see if i get the same results

Using Mac Retroarch also crashes on game launch:

[INFO] =================================================
[ERROR] Serious problem. RetroArch wants to load libretro cores dynamically, but it is already linked.
[ERROR] This could happen if other modules RetroArch depends on link against libretro directly.
[ERROR] Proceeding could cause a crash. Aborting ...
[ERROR] Fatal error received in: "init_libretro_sym()"
[ERROR] failed_to_start_audio_driver
Segmentation fault: 11

But if the game is loaded from the command line, then it does work. I would open an issue in github, but it looks like the issues section is not yet open for this repo.

There are still unresolved issues on Mac. That is why we did not mention it working yet for that platform.

How do I change it to opengl when core options says none available?

I’m using .cso format and can confirm those load in. This is with gl_core, if it matters. I’m also only getting 1-2fps though. Even games that were shown off on the youtube channel.