Playing windows games with Retroarch

I have been enjoying playing windows 98 games in Retroarch using dosbox pure and an installed windows 98 system and I was wondering why retroarch couldn’t also play more modern windows games? It wouldn’t even need to emulate it could just use the current system of the computer it is running on. The reason I want to do this is I like the use of save states that retroarch utilizes. It works well with windows 98 games why couldn’t it do so with windows 10?

Savestates only work because the entire system is emulated. They’re essentially a snapshot of the entire virtual machine at that moment in time.

Does that include the windows 98 games? They seem to be of the same size as the game, but then windows 98 as a system doesn’t really seem to take a lot of space so maybe it’s the game and the system added together.

The snapshot does include storage. It’s mostly the RAM contents and sometimes a few other things (like real-time clock data).