Playlist for Neo Geo AES?


I use playlists in Retroarch and I love it, but I cannot find a way to generate a Neo-Geo (MVS or AES) playlist. I use the FBAlpha core for Neo Geo. When I scan my Neo Geo rom folder, Retroarch creates several Mame playlists (Mame 2010, Mame 2003…) ; is there a way to generate an FBAlpha or Neo Geo playlist ?

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So, I tried to manually create a Neo Geo .lpl file with one rom in it, and it works ! The playlist is created AND it even has the right icons ! So why is it not possible to automatically generate it, since it is supported ?

instead of complaining, start contributing…

What ? I’m not complaining, I’m just asking a question. Am I supposed to KNOW there is no neo geo playlist support ?

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I am currently creating manually my Neo Geo playlist, and I would be pleased to share it with everybody if that can help. But I was not expecting such rude answer here. Also, I have contributed to Retroarch in the past by providing french translations.

So, I made a Neo Geo playlist. It is available here :

You have to adapt to your config, so you have to change the core path for each entry (“search and replace” works fine).


I found a list of Neo Geo ROM hashes and labels on the internet and, using some regex magic, I created a more comprehensive list, with double the size of Tromzy’s. I don’t believe it has every title though.

Here it is:


Thanks Tromzy & tetamusha for the PlayLists but I have a question about them.

I noticed in Tromzy’s the CRC32 looks like this: “crc32”: “DETECT”,

And in tetamusha it looks like so: “crc32”: “00000000|crc”,

Which is more correct…or are they the same?

These games I see are multi-binary…is there a way to list each binary’s hash…I see the Pipe symbol in tetamusha’s example…and if so how does one figure out the order…or is that even required.

Thanks ahead of time.

Recently I have a strange problem, where I created a Neo Geo playlist (using the show desktop method and adding the games manually) and although the roms are working fine, unfortunately they don’t show up at the History ( playlist when I play them. I’m using Retroarch 1.8.5 with the Arcade FB Alpha 2012 core and I’ve set the Bios option to UNIBIOS (the one of Razoola’s), setting it to AES didn’t do the job…So I’d be happy if anyone could see if there’s a solution to that. Thanks!

this is my list based on mame 0.222. Generated with awk linux and arcade 0.222 frontend. I also have lists for CPS1, CPS2, Naomi, Atomiswave, System 16A, 16B, 18, 24, 32 and STV … and I could generate from any board.