Playlist for Neo Geo AES?



I use playlists in Retroarch and I love it, but I cannot find a way to generate a Neo-Geo (MVS or AES) playlist. I use the FBAlpha core for Neo Geo. When I scan my Neo Geo rom folder, Retroarch creates several Mame playlists (Mame 2010, Mame 2003…) ; is there a way to generate an FBAlpha or Neo Geo playlist ?


So, I tried to manually create a Neo Geo .lpl file with one rom in it, and it works ! The playlist is created AND it even has the right icons ! So why is it not possible to automatically generate it, since it is supported ?


instead of complaining, start contributing…


What ? I’m not complaining, I’m just asking a question. Am I supposed to KNOW there is no neo geo playlist support ?


I am currently creating manually my Neo Geo playlist, and I would be pleased to share it with everybody if that can help. But I was not expecting such rude answer here. Also, I have contributed to Retroarch in the past by providing french translations.


So, I made a Neo Geo playlist. It is available here :

You have to adapt to your config, so you have to change the core path for each entry (“search and replace” works fine).