Playlist per Region and System Icon


I would like to set a playlist for each region of a system. For example for Sega Megadrive :

  • Sega Megadrive (Europe)
  • Sega Megadrive (USA)
  • Sega Megadrive (Japan)

Is it possible to set manually the system icon for these playlist (because the name is not exactly Sega Megadrive the icon set by retroarch is the generic icon)?

The same question for content icon etc …

In your retroarch/assets/xmb/* directory you can find several icons for systems and content:

example: xmb/systematic/png/

'Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis-content (E).png'
'Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis-content (J).png'
'Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis-content.png'
'Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis-content (U).png'
'Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis HAA-2502 (J).png'
'Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis HAA-2510 (J).png'
'Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis HMJ-0300 (J).png'
'Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis MK-1461 (U).png'
'Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis MK-1601 (E).png'
'Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis MK-1631 (E).png'
'Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis MK-1631 (U).png'
'Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis MK-6100 (U).png'
'Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis.png'

You can change the name of your playlist to one of the names and RetroArch will use the right icons. (could be a problem on Windows 'cause of the () brackets)
e.g. Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis MK-1461 (U).lpl

Remember to change the entries inside the playlist as well
"db_name": "Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis MK-1461 (U).lpl"

You can also put your roms in a Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis MK-1461 (U) directory and do the scanning process once more

[EDIT] I think you have to rename the icons, otherwise it will use only the system icon, but not those for the content.

For example rename

Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis MK-1631 (U).png
Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis-content (U).png


Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis (U).png
Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis (U)-content.png
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Thanks for this very precise answer ! I will try it now !

Sorry for adding something again. I noticed, that my explanation was not fully correct.


  • The playlist name has to be the same as the desired icon.
  • The icon for the content has the same name with "-content" appended bevore the file extension.
  • The `` `“db_name”:``` inside the file has to match your thumbnail directory. NOT the rom directory or the playlist name
    So you can use one thumbnail directory (e.g. Megadrive) for all 3 playlists (J) (U) (E)

You don’t have to be srry. All is clear now and works perfectly. Retroarch is very logic software :slight_smile:

The db:name give, in the playlist, the name of internal entry in the system. The system will search thumbnail for that entry with this internal name. That way you can have several playlist reffering the same game wihtout having duplicate thumbnail for each playlist entries.

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